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    The world is changing. The demographic changes will cause increase of about 150,000 people on this planet every day, and accelerate the rate of urban growth and give increasing pressure on feeding people of the world, meeting the growing demand for energy and protecting natural resources for human and environment in a sustainable manner. We recognize the value of long-term sustainable solutions in meeting these challenges. Sustainability is the core of our operations, which ranges from reducing the operational impact to the development of renewable materials and safety products, up to collaboration with others in creating sustainable solutions.
Sustainable Product Development
    The environmental protection has been the core item for sustainable development of the Dumarsing Electrical. The company implements measures on waste recycling, increasing recycling of office supplies and saving electricity in daily operations on the one hand; actively develop new environmentally friendly products and make its own contribution to greening of industrial products in the 21st century on the other hand.

    * Easy processing

    * Pollution free

    * Environmental protection products

    The MKPg capacitor packaged in cylindrical aluminum housing is used for correcting power factor and improving voltage waveform of the low-voltage equipment. Its loads include motors, transformers, generators, power cables and other distribution equipment. The MKPg series capacitors increase the installation density of each capacitor bank, thereby lowering the user costs for using components and shortening the time for installation and connection. The cylindrical aluminum housing design improves the thermal effects and simplifies the installation, and the use of dry technology of gas conforms to the world's trend of dry-type and environmental protection electrical products.

Sustainable Staff Development
    The Dumarsing Electrical deeply believes that talent development is a key to success of sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, in addition to offering competitive pay and benefits, we have been carrying out the faith of "respecting, caring, trusting and nurturing talent", and providing comprehensive training system and talent training programs to promote staff career development. To strengthen relationship with staff, the Dumarsing Electrical also increases its cohesion by organizing staff care activities.

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