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Functional Departments
     The career development opportunities in the Dumarsing are as diverse as our products and technologies. Technology, research and development, sales - the Dumarsing can provide  you with a variety of work environments. Our footprint covers many fields in China, so that you can get involved in and take charge of different projects in different fields during your service in the Dumarsing.
     We are always looking for ambitious and visionary colleagues who are committed to our vision and regard his career as a lifelong learning. The Dumarsing provides opportunities for experienced professionals.


     Our orientation program is designed to enable staffs to successfully integrate into the company as a whole, and to help them work more efficiently in the shortest possible time. The whole process starts from the first day of work. During the first three months of their services, the company will develop staff development programs to help staffs to find their positioning in the company.


Career Development

    Talent is the most important resources of the enterprise, and staff training is the source of sustainable development of enterprises. To support the personal growth of our staffs, we provide unique opportunities to benefit their professional and personal goals, and also train future generations of business leaders.

     The networks, classroom and in-service learning opportunities provide appropriate training of skills and abilities to improve the competence of our staffs, so that they can perform the strategies developed by Dumarsing and give play to their best performance.

      We attach importance to effective leadership, talent introduction and retention, clear objectives definition and open channels of communication, good learning and development opportunities as well as healthy, safe and dynamic work environment - in the performance culture, we value diversity, and individual success depends only on the individual value and performance.

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