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   With the rapid development of modern industry and science and technology, the requirements for power quality kept increasing. Meanwhile, the substantial increase in power electronic equipment and non-linear loads also contributed to the deteriorating of power quality, and caused power grid pollution e.g. voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and three-phase imbalance. The company has a keen insight for the development of electric power industry, with the increasing innovation of power equipment industry, the Dumarsing began to get involved in the power and electronics industries, and focused on the research and development and production of reactive power compensation and power quality products to deal with the increasing issues on power quality.
    The Dumarsing boasts strong research team, rigorous work and professional dedication so that the technological content of products secures the leading position in the industry all the time. With the advent of the green economy, the company will focus on the research and development of cutting-edge technology and products featuring state-of-art and environmental protection. Backed up by the business philosophy of advancing with times, the company has always been maintaining its position as world leader in the field of reactive power compensation and power quality for a long time.
     The Dumarsing began to sell its products to the Chinese market from early 1990s, and supplied its first set of reactive power compensation device to China along with imported complete set of equipment. After that, Dumarsing set up its office in Shanghai, China to coordinate in solving the matters on sales and services in China as a whole. The Company has been committed to bringing advanced technology and management concepts into China, and growing with the Chinese market. In 2007, Dumarsing founded its Shanghai Representative Office with headquarters in Putuo District, Shanghai, and set up sales and service companies in major Chinese cities e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Guangzhou. After years of rapid development, Dumarsing has seen overall business growth in China. Its market share remains stably forefront in the industry, and its current employees approximately exceed 200.

     Backed up with powerful engineering team and extensive industry experience, and by integrating the Technical Service Center, Technical Training Center, and Industrial Consulting Center into one, we are able to supply power quality products, arc protection products, and optical products in fields e.g. power, construction, paper, petrochemicals, heavy industry, mining, railways, and shipbuilding, and help customers improve the safety and reliability of equipment production, reduce loss, improve the quality and enhance the maintenance management level of equipment from the "product technical consultation, product installation instruction, routine maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, and technical training", and furthermore realize the performance gains of sustainable development.

      At present, the Engineering & Service Center has offices and service stations in cities e.g. Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, and Guangzhou, and provinces e.g. Shandong, Jiangsu, and Xinjiang. We have staffed at least 100 professional and technical personnel in China. They actively serve users of different places, follow the localized service model of "closely meeting needs", and have delivered hundreds of project products with perfect design and reliable operation to Chinese users.
       We are convinced that efficient service provides guarantee for enhancing the performance.

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